We teach using the Association of Ringing Teachers scheme called Learning the Ropes.

Starting with your first bell handling lesson, the scheme helps you handle a bell safely, acquire solid foundation skills and by Level 5 your ringing will be at the standard where you will be able to progress quickly in the exciting and diverse world of method ringing.


The five Learning the Ropes Levels

Level 1

Ensures you have a strong basic technique, which is important, not only for safety, but in order to facilitate your future progress.


Level 2

Builds the core skills that you need to competently ring with others. Foundation skills should be practised until they are automatic.


Level 3

Moves you on from being told which changes to ring to having to learn them. You will start by ringing the treble and by covering to methods.


Level 4

Reinforces and builds on the skills developed in Level 3. You will progress to ringing methods as part of your band of ringers.


Level 5

The final level in the Learning the Ropes scheme, Level 5 guides you through to confidently ringing more complex methods.



For further information about each level please see the document below: